Prefabricated buildings

Did you know that prefabricated buildings can be engineered with minimal waste during production and allow sealing and precision which cannot be replicated with traditional on-site construction methods?

I recently saw an automated machine producing building panels for homes in Germany. The manufacturer listed that a 1400 square foot house capable of withstanding 100 mile/hr winds with a 24 hour construction time at the site can be produced for $20K.

Wow! The home has near zero waste during production. Want to learn more. Contact us.


What makes a house a sustainable house?

1. Use of green materials 2. Energy efficiency-insulation, better appliances, etc? 3. Generate a great portion of its power: photovoltaics, solar thermal, helical wind¬†turbine, ground source heat pumps? 4. Use of natural lighting and air comfort systems? 5. Reuse of recycled homes and buildings Yes! all of these help to make a house more sustainable….